“Hero” Image

I won’t lie, it feels a little narcissistic to define a self portrait of myself as a hero image. But thats just what its called, its a big image sitting on the front page to almost inspire people to delve deeper into the magical journey that is their website.

I knew I wanted one of these right off the bat, and more specifically one of my artworks. However I ran into a problem, that problem being I didn’t have any artwork that would work. Hero Images are really interesting because they are generally the only non “minimalist” thing in modern web design. The reason I think they are so popular is the stark contrast between the plain content based web design and this huge work of art. Generally It seems that the more detailed this hero image is the better, hence why its generally photography rather than illustration. This proposed an interesting challenge because I had to illustrate something that still represented who I am and my style, but my style is generally very minimal.

After a rather fun solo photoshoot this was the product.


This Is easily the hardest (or at least most tedious) piece I have done so far. While I am very proud of the outcome I feel like it compromised my creative ability. The goal was to make resemble the source image and I certainly feel I achieved that. However this was mainly Just me going through blocking out values and then filling them with colors I sampled from the source which I feel really defeated the point of my artwork. After I did this piece I felt the need to focus on more original source images, colors and values. There was also almost a degree of guilt I felt creating this illustration, I think because most people assumed I did it free hand, which with vector art is almost impossible seeing how you can’t effectively sketch in a vector program or really do any kind of soft shading or blending.