Who I am

I’m Jonah Lee, and well… what can I say, I like to create things. Things that are beautiful, efficient and effective. Art that has diverse and fluent colors to accompany designs that communicate a message so clear that you can see through it, but trust me you won’t want too. Some people even go so far as to say that I’m funny, so yeah, I’m pretty much the bee’s knees.

That was hard to write, I’m generally a little more humble but I read somewhere that its really important to sound confident when introducing yourself in this industry. I assume that they also state its a bad idea to say something that completely contradicts the paragraph before. However my designs are pretty darn good so that’s still accurate.

I’m a huge nerd, like a stereotypical nerd from the 90’s. I read comic books, play video games and even play Dungeons and Dragons. I’m a very honest and relaxed person who has a lot of pride and dedication to his work and I would love to talk to you further, so feel free to click on the tab that says “Contact” up there on the right.

Come on do it, you know you want to.